What I wish I’d known before having babies. Volume 2

September 2009

September 2009

Helloooo peoples,

Long time no speak in english see! I wrote this post: What I wish I’d know before having babies VOLUME 1 a while ago.

I have 2 friends overdue as we speak  (Hello Val & Evelyne! xo) so I got motivated to finally write VOLUME 2.


  • Breastfeeding is natural. But you still need to LEARN IT.
  • Your body is changing, get over it. Hehe. Stop reading about pregnancy and look beyond. Start reading about breastfeeding now.
  • Bring those little thumbless mittens to the hospital (if she has long nails, the sore nipples will NOT like to be scratched).
  • Every book and site says ”breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt if the baby is latching well”. Well for me, both times, for the first 15-20 days, it did. BAD. And the latch was checked by 2 professional and it was fine. But it fucking hurt. And I had cracks and scabs and curling toes when he latched. But it slowly went away, it did. And then it was fine. I got prescribed Dr. Newman’s triple cream and that really helped.
  • Rubbing a drop of milk on the nipple and letting dry before putting your top back on can help the healing. (Seems mother’s milk is actually antibacterial).
  • Don’t bother with breastfeeding capes. In my opinion, it just makes it more obvious that you are breastfeeding. MY TIP: Wear a scarf! Put it next to your nipple if you really want to hide the little obscene fleshy thing! I’ve tested this out and you just look like you are cradling your baby. The people around you in the café won’t even notice that the little darling is suckling away! ;)

The birth and beyond

  • When you have your first contraction, don’t panic, in 99% of cases, you have MORE than enough time to get to the hospital.
  • Be ready for the experience to be very different than what you expected. It’s good to visualise it step by step. Just to feel like you have some control over this very much anticipated part of the deal. It helps to feel confident. But be opened to anything.
  • Have confidence in yourself. It’s your body, listen to yourself. Doctors or midwifes are not in your body and if your gutfeeling tells you something, stick to your point!
  • I haven’t followed everything that strictly but the baby whisperer’s methods helped me so much. I say take a few moments to read through it while preggars.
  • Stop focusing ONLY on that day. Stop it! The birth lasts anything between 6 to 40 hours (Polo’s birth was 34 hours) but then it’s over, it’s done! And there are gazillion of women that have done it before you. And that’s when the adventure REALLY starts.



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