The New Superman Movie and GAP’s Toddler Superheros Collection Are Out. Ta-ta-taaaaad! Pow! Zlonk! Crash!

This is a copy of my latest post on The Pretty Looks. Here’s the link to the original but I thought you’d love to read it here. :)

I got this red apron when I was 7, as a souvenir from France. I was cleaning out a cupboard the other day and found it. I was about it let it go (lolol, no shit, Marie) and bring it to the Salvation Army. But you should have seen the SPARKLESSSSS in Polo’s eyes:

YESSSSSSSSS! A CAPE! I want to wear it and be a SUPERHERO!

So my baby spent the week going to preschool with that thing on. And a ”mask” made out of a pipe cleaner. Yup.

Summer is coming, the new Superman movie is out and my 3 year-old is in his ‘superhero’ phase. I think the planets (including Kripton) are aligned to show you the GAP Kids Summer Super Hero collectionIt includes swimsuits, rash guards (a shirt made out of swimsuit material to protect from the sun), tanks, beach towels and t-shirts. All ranged between $23 and $40.

Do I LOVE it all? No I don’t LOVE it. I think it’s cute and I also like the vintage feel to it. I just don’t really dig kids’ t-shirts with prints/words/monsters/superheros/cars/Little Bears/Buzz Lightyear/Dora/princesses. However, toddlers usually freakin’ LOVE that shit. GAP’s tees are a cute compromise, perfect for hot summer days.

Superman tank HERE. $25

Spiderman t-shirt, tank top and CAPE-beach towel. Details HERE.

Batman at the pool! Rash guard, tank top and swimsuit. Details HERE.

I am Captain America. Details HERE.

So, do you like it? Would you let your kids wear this? Is it too gender-oriented!? Let us know!


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