What I wish I’d known before having babies. Volume 1


La version française suivra sous peu.

Hey peoples once again, long time no speak! I am trying super hard to come up with a pertinentfunnycool intro for this post and I can’t seem to find anything good. Too bad.

So without further ado, here is a list of things and thoughts I wish I knew before having babies. Volume 1.


  • Love at first sight is not a given. You will probably love her more and more everyday.
  • Even if you were not looking forward to that part, you will probably find changing dirty diapers, not even that gross. HA!
  • Take some time to thank yourself for the things you do for your kid.
  • Never forget that you are the best parent for YOUR child.

Mental health

  • Awful thoughts could cross your mind: feeling like throwing her out the window or something horrendous like that. (Yes I said this). Because you can’t find out why she’s been crying for 4 nights in a row and you are absolutely exhausted. Put her in her bed, walk out. Go where you can’t hear him for for a few minutes and take deep breaths. Or get your partner to take over while you rest. And don’t feel guilty about those thoughts. If you think you will do something stupid though, you need to consult a professional, sister!
  • ”Tomorrow is another day” is so true when you have a newborn. Things do change and usually quite quickly. When you are struggling with breastfeeding or a cranky baby, don’t get too discouraged too quickly. Take it one hour at the time.
  • Your baby is a pain in the ass this morning. He is crying non-stop. You had a coffee date planned. Don’t cancel it because you are scared he will cry the whole time. Most of the times a change of scenery is all the baby needed and he will turn out to be just fine.
  • They all say it and I do too: Take some time for yourself and get a change of scenery for a few minutes. Relax with a magazine, watch funny videos on youtube or check out a couple photos of Tuna Melts My Heart.
  • Deep breaths are you best friend.


  • You can actually buy stuff that you need AFTER they are born. Don’t go crazy with the insecure mom-to-be purchases. Keep it to basics.
  • Baby showers: ask for unwrapped gifts with name tags. Lay them all out on a table so you can skip the waste-of-time-akward-gitft-unwrapping. And it’s more eco-friendly. You can spend more time chatting, even playing the cheesy games or mock-drinking.
  • Tell people to get you 12-18-24 months clothes. You always get too much newborn stuff that they will wear once. And there’s a shortage when they are older. (Polo and Rikiki were massive 9lbs 3 and 10 lbs 4 so the never actually fit in 0-3months!)
  • Bring baby wipes or wet washcloths everywhere.
  • If you have a boy, never buy peepee teepees, (those little fabric cones meant to stop pee while changing diapers) they don’t work, they fall off or are projected away. My tip: Just use the ‘wrap the package in a little dry washcloth’ trick. Classics never get old.

Pssssssssst! Stay tuned for Part 2 – Breastfeeding and The birth and beyond!

PS: I am not the only one thinking that peepee teepees are pure waste of money!
PS: Yes this is actually my belly. 20 days before I gave birth to Polo. I made the photo black and white, I think it makes me look more slim. lololol

There are a million things we could add to this list. What else?


4 responses to “What I wish I’d known before having babies. Volume 1

  1. Love at first sight is not a given….TELLEMENT vrai!
    La première nuit à l’hopital, seule avec ma puce, je la regardais dormir et je me sentais presque coupable voire anormale de me pas avoir pleurer à son arrivée comme je croyais que j’allais pleurer! L’émotion était là, j’étais heureuse d’enfin la rencontrer… mais je c’était un peu comme rencontrer un inconnu qu’on apprivoise…je n’ai pas de mot pour décrire la chose…mais chose certaine, je l’aime effectivement de plus en plus de jours en jours! Mon coeur pourrait exploser tellement je l’aime d’amour! :)

    • AHHH! Je suis contente que tu répondes ça! Fiou.

      Oui, même si on se connait un peu, on s’est quand même jamais vus la face, tsé! Et il faut effectivement apprendre à s’apprivoiser.

      Ravie de t’avoir rencontrée, Valérie. À bientôt sur les interewebs!! :) x

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