Nail Art or Goth French manicure? I have started writing for The Pretty Looks, YAY!

Allô mon pauvre petit blog. Je te néglige. C’est pour une bonne raison, promis. Je travaillais sur un autre projet VRAIMENT l’fun. J’ai commencé à écrire 1 fois par semaine pour la version anglaise de C’est un vrai challenge et je me sens top chanceuse d’écrire pour un site que j’aime autant! TPL approche la mode de façon intelligente et ses rédactrices-teurs sont très drôles.

Je copie mon premier post ci-bas mais vous pouvez lire sa version originale ici.

À bientôt! xo

Poor little blog I am neglecting you and I am sorry. I have been working on a SUPER exciting project! I have started writing once a week for The Pretty Looks! It’s such a nice challenge and I feel extremely lucky to write for a website that I love so much. TPL approaches style/fashion intelligently and is written by VERY bright and funny people.

My first post is about a matte/glossy nail art kinda manicure. I am copying it down here but you can read the original on The Pretty Looks’ website.

Is it Nail Art? A Goth French Manicure? Who Cares! Here’s the DIY!

Nail art has been pretty trendy for the past little while. Anyone who has tried it before knows that it is no joke – it takes talent to create all of those fancy designs! That said, I am personally not a big fan of it myself but when I came accross this, I really wanted to try the black matte/shiny combo. And it’s not because it’s spring that you can’t wear black!

Ok, maybe it’s not what purists would call nail art but hey, I freehanded and there are 2 different textures.

So… NAIL ART it is, right? And you can do it too!

I found this GOSH matte effect top coat at Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart for 7$ and it works really well. I’d never bought matte nail polish before but apparently it chips easily. Here, I’m using Essie’s Licorice. It has such good coverage that you can almost get away with just one coat!

Here are the steps:

1.  Paint your nails as usual.

2.  Apply the GOSH matte effect top coat. I am lazy and don’t want to fuck around with sticky little french manicure guides so I freehand the nail tip. This is seriously easier than it sounds. You just need to go slooooowly and have a steady hand. No hangover shakes allowed.

3.  Make sure there isn’t too much top coat on your brush. Starting in the middle of the nail, apply a small dab just on the tip. Slowly brush towards the edge of the nail. Try to make it as even as you can, but don’t worry if it’s not a PERFECT straight line: since it’s the same colour, your mistakes won’t show and it’ll still look great.


Ok, so the restaurant where we ate last night had dim lighting and probably no one even noticed my glossy tips (ew, is it just me or “my glossy tips” sounds gross?), but whatevs. I was happy with it, OK?!


  • When freehanding with your “bad” hand, lay your arms completely flat from elbow to wrist for extra stability.
  • Make sure your nail colour has a very shiny finish so it stands out.
  • Instead of a french manicure, just use the matte on your ring finger, for example.
  • Check out Pinterest for serioulsy crazy nail art designs.



2 responses to “Nail Art or Goth French manicure? I have started writing for The Pretty Looks, YAY!

  1. Woww !! vraiment différent de la manicure ( manecure ou manicure ??) francaise poche … et c’est vraiment dans ma pallette de couleur ..noir !! cool merci Marie je savais pas que l’on pouvait ” mater” du keetex :)

    • oui c’est l’fun hein cette manicure! il y a ce ‘matteur’ au pharmaprix St-Laurent au nord de Des Pins. :)

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