Chocolate is good all year round and we had ridiculous amounts of it last weekend.

Bits and bobs from the Easter weekend.
We were in the Eastern Townships at the cabin.
Easter, Eastern. Funny, I know.

FYI, at the cabin for the Easter long weekend:

  • Anything goes when it comes to 18 month-olds and their choc intake (eeeek).
  • When you don’t have Easter hunt baskets, just use random shopping bag with a ribbon around it. So flippin crafty. Or not.
  • While just driving around the country side looking for the Laiterie de Coaticook to have a famous ice cream cone, we found in bumblefuck Compton, on the side of the main road, a tiny chocolate shop with a weird name. That name, Xocolatl, seems to be the origin of the word chocolate. And that chocolaterie is located in what seems to be the owner’s house. The young owner makes them all herself. They all looked crafted with a lot of detail and quality ingredients, and they were just delicious!

Going over to the store now to get some more choc, haven’t had any in about 24 hours and I am starting to shake. See ya! xo

photo 2

easter hunt

laiterie de coaticook

icecream is good

eating Coaticook ice cream makes me happy

icecream for parents

choc is good

Xocolatl Chocolaterie
Right to left, top to bottom: Cayenne, lemon tart, café crème, grapefruit, mint, honey and aniseed (my fave!).


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