Snow is NOT ugly. Snow is pretty. Phew.

I was about to start complaining about the Montréal winter being so long. About how it’s a bit of a pain in the booté to drive in, to push your stroller in. Also this week my man had to push the car while I was driving, because it was spinning on slush while we were just trying to park it. But you don’t want really want to read my complaints now do you?* Cool, that’s what I thought. So remember how my husband is Australian? The only thing I can say right now is that, if snow was actually ugly, I think we would be living in Australia. Ha!

So instead I won’t complain, and I’ll just look at the lovely snow shots I took on Instagram. Here you are. I guess I don’t hate it all that much, I took like 247 photos of it. OK not really.

What is your favorite thing about snow, besides it melting in the spring of course. He. He. If you had the choice, would you move countries solely based on the weather?

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* I won’t even mention snowsuitonsnowsuitoffsnowsuitonsnowsuitoffbeaniesmittainscarvesbootssnottynosesfrozenfingersi’vegotsnowinmybootmybeanieistootightetc..

my lane

serious amount of snowballs for such a little kid.

Montréal en lumière festival


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