♥ This is not a Valentine’s day craft ♥

We did some ♥ Valentine’s day crafting before dinner. There was no real goal, maybe a garland later this week. Maybe not. The pink cartboard that hurts your eyes was painted with red yesterday by both kids. Finally, what came out of our little sesh was the pretty random, not that pretty little straw necklace. But he was so proud of it, that is the only thing that matter, isn’t it? Phew.

What is the ugliest gift your kid made you? Do you throw them out straight away (well not in their face, but that night for example) or keep them for a little while?

Faque on a fait du brico de la Saint-♥Valentin♥ avant souper. On avait pas vraiment de but à part du découpage pour peut-être une guirlande cette semaine. Peut-être pas. Le carton rose qui fait mal aux yeux avait été peint par mes deux amours♥ avec du rouge hier. Finalement je sais pas trop comment, on s’est retrouvés avec un collier pas très beau, fait en bouts de paille coupés. Il était tellement fier, c’est ça qui compte, hein? Fiou.

Quel est le brico le plus laid que votre enfant vous ait donné? Est-ce que vous les jetez sur-le-champ (pas dans leur face mais le soir-même, mettons) ou vous les gardez un petit bout de temps?




do your eyes hurt, yet? | est-ce que vos yeux vous font mal? tant pis c’est pas fini.








(too tired but i also really need a haircut)


9 responses to “♥ This is not a Valentine’s day craft ♥

  1. Si je fouillais dans ma grosse boîte à souvenirs, je trouverais sûrement un p’tit bout de bricolage tout croche mais qui pourrait brasser beaucoup de tendres émotions!

    • Mais moi ils étaient tous beau mes bricos! :) Cela dit, je ne les jette pas tous hein… je suis bien trop émotive et ramasseuse pour ça!

  2. Your blog is adorable! I love it! And wheeeeeee! I get to practice my French, which has sat in a dusty corner of my brain since sometime in 2003. Thanks for commenting on my blog and bringing me here. And umm, ps, I have to get my kid to “make” some valentines cards (where make = I do it but since I have the crafting skills of a two-year-old it’ll look like she did it anyway.)

    • Erica, thanks so much for popping over! You are so funny, I love you and I wanna be your friend, ok? Thanks :P hehe.
      And thanks for your words, but not only is this a mama blog but I am baby blogger – literately, I have been doing this for only 2 months and this blog already needs a redesign (and I actually need to learn how to use a camera) but it’s a fun project.. The French I use is quite slangy Québecois so this could actually make your dusty-french worst, I apologise in advance.
      So good luck with those cards – Just fold white cardboard in two and you both scribble with pink, red, purple crayons, that’ll do, nah?
      See you around the interwebs!

  3. aww, this is sooo adorable :) trying to study French at my school right now, and your blog is good practice trying out my reading skills! (and your kids are so cute<3)

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